Why use CG?
Our system improves production efficiency.

We aim for realistic CG visualizations.

Unlike actual filming, 3DCG enables you to create various images, because there are no natural-environmental or physical limitations.
To create CG products, manually assembling huge number of parts and their variations takes a lot of time and cost. To make your work more accurate and more efficient, we offer you customised logic based system. You can save your own time, and concentrate on creative works.


Logic Control system

Logic control system (our own system) can manage the combination rules between design CAD data and each small parts. This system enables you to accomplish the accurate construction of a 3DCG model such as automobiles that is composed of huge number of parts. This greatly reduces human errors, and allows you to focus on your creative production works.


“Background data” is one of the required data for CG production. In the past, filming costed a lot and took a lot of work, e.g. select a location, arrange for a photographer, prepare equipment or understand the weather conditions during filming. Various virtual CG backgrounds we offer will help reduce the filming costs.

AI training data production

When collecting training data for machine learning, you may face many problems such as difficulty in reproducing the scene and real conditions / necessity of enormous training data / following security measures while gathering the data.
We visualize scenes by 3DCG and output training data as CG images. We can generate as many images as required to use as training data.

VR solutions

From planning and production of training contents using VR / AR / MR to the installation of the latest HD-VR head-mounted display equipment, we can provide VR solutions that meet customer needs.
In addition, if you have design data such as CAD data, we can convert that into data suitable for VR. You can see that data as a CG model on the virtual spaces.

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