NICO Liner-less Labels

No Wastage!

No liner, No wastage!
An environment-friendly labeler with help of our liner-less labels contributes to the CO2 reduction and thus suitable for your eco-initiatives. Our labeler is compact labeler that does not require liner winding unit.

2x Productivity!

The liner-less labels can hold approximately twice amount of labels than any conventional labels with liner in the same winding diameter. As label winding volume doubles, frequency of replacing labels reduces to half which yields in high productivity and results in high efficiency.


Step Labels

Step labels (rolls)
Step labels (sheets)

Tape Labels

Tape labels (thermal paper)
Tape labels (general products)

NICO Conventional Labels

Many Variations of
Materials / Adhesives / Coating


Paper: Art paper / Cast coated paper / Fine paper / Thermal paper

Film: White PP / Transparent PET / White PET / Vapor-deposited PET (silver)


Water-based emulsion (Acrylic) / Hot-melt (Acrylic) / Micro-sphere type / UV curable type

*We have many other adhesives than listed above. Please ask us for further details.


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Labeling System

For Liner-less Labels

Step Labeler NSL-100

Auto labeler dedicated for the liner-less labels
- Suited for "non-square" liner-less labels.
- Best for product labels like jar top round stickers.

Step Labeler NSL-100 Catalog

Tape Labeler NTL-200

Auto labeler dedicated for the liner-less labels
- Suited for "square" liner-less labels.
- Best for product labels like jar side stickers.

Tape Labeler NTL-200 Catalog

Logistics Labeler NL-30C

Auto labeler dedicated for the liner-less labels (Thermal tape)
- High quality printer installed.
- Best for logistics / distribution use.

Logi Labeler NL-30C Catalog

For Conventional Labels

Auto Labeler NLM-300

-Automatic labeling even on the 50% or less adhesive area.
- No adhesive-off printing processing required.
- Can also be used for a general tack labels (with full adhesive area).

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Label Production and Support

OEM License

Customers are able to produce liner-less labels under license from us.

  • Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Provider of the label production machines and labelers / Maintenance agency

  • Nishikawa Communications Co. Ltd.

    Licenser of the liner-less label production / Planning and development of liner-less labels and labelers

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